Tell us about your social gatering 

or corporate event!  
MiniParty will be in touch

to answer all of your questions  
and provide information about our catering 

and events services. 
We can't wait to meet you!  

**How to Request Mini Party Catering 

<Catering Order Here!!>

Please call or text my cell phone

: 010-2061-6892

If you e-mail me 

(email : ,

I can get back to you next morning.

Thank you.



1. Please answer the question as belows


 **Event & Information

1. Date & time

2. The numer of atteding person

3. Location

4. Full budget /

   estimated unit cost per one person

5. Provide contact information for one

   or more to get in touch

   for the information in the Event.


If you let us know the details ,

we will give you a 1:1 consultation

on the estimate and menu proposal.


2. Payment method

- Cash payment (additional Vat adds up when issuing cash receipts)

- Tax invoice (VAT adds up additionally)

- Credit card payment (VAT adds up additionally)


3. Minimum amount when using catering products

  Only when the toal amount

  is more than 800,000 won,

  it will be processed.


4. Shipping charge-will be differentiated

according to the distance.


5. Services provided according to the amount

  - Table decoration fee of 500,000 won

   or more will be free of charge.

   when using products worth more than 1,000,000 won.


- Branding service fee such as table decoration

    +cake pick, etc. will be  free of charge

   when using products worth more than 2,000,000 won.


- 500,000 won valued table decoration

  +cake pick, cup holder branding production service will be free of charge  

  when using products  more than 3,000,000 won


6. If you sign a MiniParty partner contract 

   for at least one year,


 1) Prior reservation service

 2) Free branding service

 3) Free shipping service

    are all provided together.


MiniParty ask for your attention.    

Your much interest and full attention

will be highly appreciated.




CELL- PHONE : 010-2061-6892




파티의뢰는 방명록이나, 아래로 연락주시면 감사하겠습니다 hp. 010-2061-6892



'케이터링의뢰방법' 카테고리의 다른 글

MiniParty Contact us  (0) 2020.05.16
미니파티 케이터링 의뢰 방법  (2) 2019.05.13
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2019년부터 시작한 

kt주말 네트워킹 파티 케이터링을 

2020년에도 진행합니다 

믿고 맡겨주셔서 감사합니다

Started in 2019.
kt weekend networking party catering, 
We'll be there in 2020.
Thank you for trusting us.


꽃시장에서 가장 눈에띄는 

보라색 튤립으로 

센터피스 장식을 했습니다. 

Purple tulips,

,the most conspicuous

in the flower market. 
They were decorated

with a centerpiece.


싱싱한 튤립이 

향기와 함께 분위기를 

싱그럽게 만들었네요 

모두들 좋아하셨습니다

Fresh tulips
made party's mood fresh


by 파티플래너 엘리 Party Planner Elley 




파티의뢰는 방명록이나, 아래로 연락주시면 감사하겠습니다 hp. 010-2061-6892


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지난 26일에


인재캠퍼스가 개원을 하게되어,

이때 문체부 차관님,

한국콘텐츠진흥원 원장님등

게임 산업분야의

VIP들을 모시는

케이터링을 급하게 준비했습니다.

The Korea Creative Content Agency’s

Inje Campus opened

We prepared catering for VIP


'일회용없는 케이터링'을


세라믹 커피잔, 접시, 커트러리에

다과를 준비했습니다

They ordered

"No disposal catering"

We' prepared

ceramic coffee cups, plates, cutlery.


by 파티플래너 엘리 Party Planner Elley 




파티의뢰는 방명록이나, 아래로 연락주시면 감사하겠습니다 hp. 010-2061-6892


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